Beyond Floods - the first-of-its-kind private flood product by an AM Best A-Excellent rated company. The following are its impressive features: 

  • Beyond Floods quotes a policy in less than 3 minutes; 5 minutes to Bind - no lengthy Q&A process 
  • No wait time in FL and NJ. Just 7 days in other states. 
  • Download Dec pages after real-time instant bind. Right-sized Solutions - we’ll always present three product tiers when you quote with us, tailored for customers who just need the essentials, something extra based on market demands or one with flexibility and high limits. 
  • Extremely rare declines and referrals - we’ll give you a price for every risk and use advanced automation to expedite a decision. 
  • Property-specific underwriting - 200 risk attributes are simplified in a half-page flood report on the property and the immediate vicinity. Highlight the need for flood insurance and justify pricing for your customers. 
  • Pricing is competitive in more than 65% of areas with known flood risk, with premiums as little as $150/yr for substantial coverage. 
  • Super flexible payment plans and options. For perspective, Beyond Floods can offer a competitively-priced private flood alternative to the NFIP for more than 2.2 million residential properties with substantial risk of flooding in Florida. 1.3 Million of those properties are in Special Flood Hazard Areas. 
  • Powered by 3 trillion elevation data points (no Elevation Certificates Required, and no hassle pricing)